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IncoStress is an innovative Class IIa medical device that controls stress incontinence commonly experienced by women of all ages.

IncoStress is worn inside the vagina. When inserted, IncoStress naturally puts gentle pressure against the urethra. This gentle pressure stops or reduces the involuntary loss of urine by closing the urethra and restoring the natural anatomical position of the bladder. Closed urethra and well positioned bladder stop urine leakages, thus preventing the symptoms of stress incontinence from occurring.

IncoStress is ergonomically shaped and encourages gentle squeezing of pelvic floor muscles, whilst inserted in the vagina. These gentle squeezes can contribute to stronger and more toned pelvic floor muscles. However, please note that IncoStress in not a pelvic floor exerciser and wearing IncoStress does not replace the need for a dedicated daily pelvic floor workout. IncoStress can be used during day or night continually for up to 8 hours. Remove and re-insert as many times as necessary (i.e. prior to passing urine).


  • Easy to insert and comfortable in useRe-usable - wash in clean water after each use. (You should replace IncoStress after a month of use for good hygiene reasons)
  • Made from a medical grade non-allergenic silicone
  • Small and discreet. Weighs 28g. Dimensions: 25mm diameter x 65mm length
  • Clinically trialled and medically approved
  • Product cannot be returned due to hygienic regulations


Products Weight: 0.50 kg